Chef David Turin Featured in Maine Magazine

Chef/Proprietor David Turin is featured in the current issue of Maine Magazine as one of the top chefs in Maine.

“My two restaurants have developed from different ideas. Monument Square came from a desire to turn away from formality and to offer a broader choice of dishes without culinary borders, ranging from pretty simple presentations to intricate and complex flavors. I wanted people to be able to eat great food and wear jeans while drinking great wine without dropping a ton of cash. With David’s 388, I wanted to provide a neighborhood meeting place and offer smaller portions at smaller prices so patrons can eat many different flavors without eating too much. We are all about blending a traditional idea with a twist, and often those twists come from blending culinary cultures for exciting and unexpected results—for instance, combining fresh stuff from the farmer’s market with things from all over the world that we keep as staple stocks in our pantry.”

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